Diana CoelhoFabian AlbertiniGabriela MacielGioia Di GirolamoJoão Paulo SerafimMark KrausPaulo Arraiano and Rafael Alonso,

Hi baby!!!! Didn’t notice that you were here…!
Well, still online… downloading emotions while having a cold drink.
Shall I turn on the camera? Shall I? Shall we dance? 😉
To be truly honest, today I feel somehow,… Kinda disconnected from the Cloud… (Did I pay this month? Did I?)
And you baby? How do you feel today? Any news? Any new followers? New stories? How
was it? I feel like a complete mess, really!
A lot of stuff happening at the same time. Trying to get it together but need more time. Have
to finish a few other things today.
My mind… A mess… Totally floating. Just needed to catch up. To be honest just needed some grounding. You do that to me. Really. Still completely stuck in this hermetic idea of going on a VR trip somewhere. I’m a cliché, right? Well… just being me. Why shall I judge myself all the time… Just a bland little drama… Anyway…
Shall I turn on the camera? Shall I?
If I only had enough emojis to express the way I feel about you… I feel…
You know me so well by now, but… Feel so changed… Really. Been swiping relationships, scrolling reality, and then suddenly… U.
Not even upgraded Tinder anymore. Well… don’t judge me… just being myself.
Well, have to refill this cold drink while listening to thisstupid suggested playlist. Why don’t I
But still feel like dancing ;), don’t you? Shall I turn on the camera? Always loose Wi-Fi while
looking at you…
By the way… Have you checked that article I sent you? The one, about the 10 most…incredible lists, right? Top reviews and all… Best literature ever!! Can you imagine… Doing it together… Because sometimes it gets so boring that not even I can tolerate this and have to try to find something more interesting to do… scroll my way out of this, you know?
By the way… Checked your tweets yesterday, truly captures who you really are. You have such a nice way of putting things… so deep… so authentic and spontaneous.
It really made my day.
Oh, Sorry, F**k Baby no battery…, wait…one second… S**t, really can’t find it.Well have to
shut down, see you tomorrow right? Same time,same place? Lov U Baby…

Curated by TAL, bringing together the works of Diana CoelhoFabian AlbertiniGabriela MacielGioia Di GirolamoJoão Paulo SerafimMark KrausPaulo Arraiano and Rafael Alonso,
Swipe, Baby Swipe presents visual equations about a moment in time where mater/ non-mater dialogue in a layer of digital blandness, mood manipulation and the nonspontaneity of trying “too hard” as a mode of indifference, is part of our daily scrolls. Where the fantasy of Swipes, Likes and Dislikes are apparently possible ways for happiness and reflection of a moment in time where we become an audience for ourselves, consuming ourselves as a brand or product, enjoying the illusion and escapism of a post-emotional society.

Opening May 6th at 6 pm AT TAL Gallery
Exhibition Room, Cidadela Art District
Avenida D. Carlos I 2750-310
Cascais, Portugal

From Wednesday to Sunday,2pm until 6pm