Song nº01 – 2017


song no1
João Paulo Serafim Kristian Touborg Michael Bennett Paulo Arraiano Patric Sandri

no.stereo contemporary
Venue: Project Room –  Pestana Cidadela Art District,
Fortaleza da Cidadela, Av. D. Carlos I, 2750-310, Cascais Portugal
Dates: 04th of March to 15th of April
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 14h00 to 18h00 and by appointment.

The exhibition will present a fresh and eclectic curatorial approach to the international contemporary art scenario. Facing a post-digital generation where image and sound is presented most of the times in RGB mode – song no1 – will act, in a physical space, as social and visual seismograph of this new contemporary paradigma. These artists using both still and moving images, digital and analog content will create a dialogue between matter and non-matter. Promoting critical thinking regarding this new social scenario, where the perception of sound, image, time, space and reality is changing as we scroll or swipe.